as well as old wooden surfboards, we also seek and buy:

  • paintings
  • posters
  • photos & postcards
  • patches
  • books & magazines
  • trophies
  • metal, wood & ceramic figurines
  • paper items like: decals, price lists, business cards, brochures, etc.
  • skateboards and related materials
  • duke kahanamoku items

basically, we will consider buying most anything relating to surfboards or surfers from the past.

we buy old wood surfboards & vintage surfing items!


thank you for visiting surf history preservation web site, woodsurfboards! we've been buying wood surfboards, other vintage surfboards and surfer collectibles for many years with the ultimate goal of preserving the history of the sport we love.

our wood surfboards and other vintage 1960s and 1970s surfboards have been used by a number of non-profit groups like... save our surf type organizations, museum exhibits, cultural center and evolution of surfboard design displays.

we have never charged for this service, the satisfaction we get from sharing the old wood surfboards, old surf movie posters, vintage surfing art and all manor of historical surfing related objects is priceless. we believe it's important to preserve the history of our very special sport and feel fortunate to be curators of such beautiful surfing artifacts.

the seller or donors' names and any history attached to these vintage old wood surfboards is always preserved and displayed with the board. obviously, this web site is primarily dedicated to the old historical wood surfboards. however, we also need most vintage surfer, surfboard or surfing related items.

we will buy any vintage surfboard or related materials we deem useful for our purposes.

if you have or know of an old wood surfboard or vintage surfboard related items for sale... please let us know . we love old wood surfboards and all related materials and will always pay a fair price. we also pay a finders fee to anyone that points us in the direction of an old wood surfboard or other vintage surfer collectible that we buy!

woodsurfboards will buy one old surfboard or an entire collection of old surfboards or related vintage materials.

we hope to hear from you!

surf history preservation collection
p.o. box 5637 hilo, hawaii  96720

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different styles of early wood surfboards :

ancient hawaiian olo breadfruit

ancient hawaiian koa alaia
ancient hawaiian alaia koa

1890's hawaiian plank with metal
1890's hawaiian plank w/ metal�

waikiki redwood plank

balsa, redwood & pine

tom blake catalina hollow
tom blake 'catalina' hollow

makaha redwood hot curl

hawaiian aloha bellyboard
hawaiian 'aloha' bellyboard�

bob shepherd sunset beach balsa

greg noll balsa
greg noll balsa

hobie balsa

pat curren balsa & redwood gun
pat curren balsa & redwood gun

velzy - jacobs balsa pig
velzy - jacobs balsa pig

surfboards hawaii balsa gun
surfboards hawaii balsa gun

wardy balsa

diffenderfer chambered balsa

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